- Custom order - Necklace symbolizing beauty and strength in brokenness


We are bombarded every day, whether by subtle hints or in your face imagery, that we have to be perfect. But this necklace was created as a symbol to remind women of the truth; we don't have to be perfect. It's okay to have flaws, to celebrate each others differences, and to embrace our mistakes because learning from them makes us stronger even as it shapes us. We don't have to pretend to have everything together. There is pain, loss and darkness in everyones lives but we definitely don't have to dwell in darkness.


I believe there is One greater than all of us and because of His sacrificial gift we can feel complete freedom, love and joy in our lives. He was perfect for us so that we can celebrate who we are even in our imperfection. He sees us as perfect and loves us even when we fail again and again. We are able to shine as a unique creation and it is beautiful in its imperfect perfection. 


Imperfect Perfection No. 3

  • 6mm & 2mm Sworovski crystals, on a 14Kt gold-filled chain, 1.2mm flat cable, 16 inches with spring clasp.